Is it a sequel? Is it a reboot? Are there many people left who actually care anymore? Terminator: Genisys, as well as having a strange spelling in the title, doesn't give many clues to where this new instalment is placed within the half dozen other Terminator films. I guess Emilia Clarke is a great addition though.

Ahh mid-life crises, you don't show up in films enough in my opinion. The twist for While We're Young is that this couple (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) gets to go through their issues together. Enraptured by new twenty-something friends Darby and Jamie whilst their other friends are lost in diapers and smushy baby food, Stiller and Watts go about 're-finding' their youth. Rollerblading and recreational drug-taking ensues.

Anna Kendrick really found an unexpected niche on the musical front. The Last Five Years, based on an actual musical, portrays the 'musical deconstruction' of Cathy and Jamie's five year relationship. Their story is told in the past tense with Cathy singing from the end of the relationship, and Jamie from the beginning until the two sides meet in the centre. Expect this to be pretty big.

And finally, for anyone who studied this book whilst learning French, here's The Little Prince. (Yes, this is in French, deal with it).