Jon Stewart fans rejoice - his long awaited directorial debut is finally here. And trust him to do something politically engaging and completely, most definitely something that Fox News is going to hate. When it comes to films that are based on a true story, there is always the element of 'well did that really happen or is that just for cinematic effect'; but I think with Stewart's 'setting the record straight' kind of mentality, it's probably safe to assume that Rosewater is going to be an extension of his perspective of the world and political events. Even more so because it's about a journalist who is captured during an Iranian election. If you've never had the pleasure of watching Jon Stewart explain political goings on via The Daily Show, then this is most definitely a recommendation for you to do just that. Because - and this is coming from someone who once studied political communication and journalism - this is really quite exciting.

Hilary Swank is going to be one busy woman when it comes to promoting movies this autumn with The Homesman and You're Not You. And, via exceptional timing most probably, she plays a classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS, or more commonly known in the UK as motor neurone disease (who knew an ice bucket challenge would do so well?). But yes, from the trailer, I'm going to guess the film concentrates on the relationship between Swank and Emmy Rossum who plays the college student who becomes her carer. This also is probably a good watch because, finally, here is Josh Duhamel in what appears to be a good film.

Escobar: Paradise Lost. Another Josh, of the Hutcherson variety, stars in this opposite Benicio Del Toro, in the 'guy who falls for girl, meets girls uncle who happens to be a powerful drug lord, then continues to freak the hell out'.

And finally here's Nicholas Sparks newest novel-to-screen adaptation Best Of Me. Enjoy, or not, whatever's best for your mentality. So probably don't watch it.