Don't worry, the trailer's this week make up for what dismal display Hollywood had to offer in lieu of last time. We have a musical revival, singing Michael Fassbender, a sequel and a HBO original (which technically I shouldn't include it being a made-for-tv-movie but I was intrigued by it).

Ahh, poor little orphan Annie, she went and got herself a makeover. This time with added Jamie Fox. The title role goes to Quvenzhane Wallis (of Beasts of the Southern Wild fame) and Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan. Although, to be perfectly honest, I've forgotten so many details about this musical, none of the trailer looked familiar (aside from the song that will inevitably became ingrained in your brain later). I'm also still asking the question of whether anyone actually asked for this remake or we're being told that, yes, you have all secretly been wanting this.

Now this trailer, this impressed me and most probably because of how freaking weird yet awesome it seems. So here is Frank. Frankis played by Michael Fassbender who, if you didn't know his real accent, would be pretty hard to distinguish as being responsible for hiding behind the papier-mâché head. So Frank makes music with Domhnall Gleeson and heads off the SXSW with Maggie Gyllenhaal in tow. Now do you get why I'm incredibly intrigued by this one trailer.

For Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, I really have no useful information to give you and I'm yet to find the desire to watch the first film. I can be useful in the way of going 'Ohhh Joseph Gordon-Levitt'; but also, Lady Gaga is apparently in there somewhere. Do what you will with that piece of information.

So I'm not beyond technicalities, and although this is a HBOoriginal film I decided that this looked compelling enough to include. Decide for yourselves though, here's The Normal Heart .