I hope you've all gotten into the spirit of awards season folks. There's nothing quite like staying up till 4am watching the Golden Globes and not having to get up the next day. Of course with everyone being abuzz with the glitz and glamour, it's not the time for Hollywood to be dropping any trailers from their summer blockbuster heavy schedule. So instead we have some of the more interesting films, and one about clowns.

First up is The Face of Love. This made a strong appearance at last years Tiff festival and it looks as though Annette Bening most definintely still has it. Bening plays a woman who falls in love with a man who appears to be a doppelganger for her late husband. Brings a whole other meaning to dating a certain type of person.

I'm not one for horror films, I thought The Woman in Black was terrifying, so Clown is one film I probably won't be seeing in the cinema. From the producer of various other creepy films I haven't seen, Eli Roth, I'm leaving this for all of you to have an opinion on because im not watching this for a second time.

Lastly we have Small Time, holding some familiar faces from TV with Dean Norris (of Breaking Bad fame) and Christopher Meloni (from one of those Law and Order shows). It comes across as refreshingly light comedy in the face of so many innuendo-y college boy humour films. We can only hope its funny.