First and foremost, here is the most promising trailer of this week: Birdman. Michael Keaton stars as an out-of-luck actor who is only remembered for playing an iconic superhero, aka 'birdman'. Taking a step into the surreal internal workings of his mind, the film follows Keaton in the run up to is Broadway debut. And wasn't it just last week when I commented on Zach Galifianakis' lack of none-normalcy roles? Well it seems I spoke too soon.

And secondly, moving onto all you Idris Elba fans out there, here is No Good Deed. And no, don't get this confused with the other No Good Deed, i.e. the 2002 film with Samuel L. Jackson. It seems like this one plays out like a well-oiled slick thriller. You have you're stay at home mom when a stranger knocks on the door asking to use the phone. Moral of the story folks is never talk to strangers, even if it is Idris Elba.

The first of two trailers featuring James Franco is The Interview. Now, I'm sure Franco is lovely, but I've had this strange non-opinion of him ever since I saw Oz the Great and Powerful, so I've avoided him ever since. However, now that I've seen this trailer, all I can think of is 'why in the hell would someone do a comedy film about pissing off North Korea?'. That takes some balls, so kudos Franco. I guess. Although I'm not gonna place any bets on how this will be film will be taken in certain areas of the world, it'll certainly be entertaining either way.

And lastly, here is Forever Love. If someone wants to tell me what the actual plot is, it would be most helpful.