First up this week is A Thousand Times Goodnight, and it appears to be quite the emotional rollercoaster. Juliette Binoche plays Rebecca, a war photographer who has to re-evaluate her life after her husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, yeah him) questions how to deal with her constantly working in a warzone. It's nice to see a different take on the whole work/personal life struggle, could be quite the story to get lost in.

All you literary fans out there, this is something to dig your claws into with The Maze Runner, an adaptation of the popular 'young-adult' trilogy written by James Dashner. Now we all know Hollywood is all about jumping on the YA fiction bandwagon, and why not, it's making a lot a money for them a la Hunger Games style. But this is also the industry that put us through Twilight so I'm not about to be singing the praises of this adaptation any time soon. However, this doesn't look that it has love triangles or weird supernatural devils spawn happening so it can only get better can't it? That little rant aside, this trailer makes me quietly curious, so naturally I'll be reading this before I see it...

I am usually all about loving everything to do with Kristen Wiig, but the trailer for her new film Hateship Loveship, kind of caught me off guard. I feel like I'll be watching the trailer several times before I came to any conclusion about what I think about it. I guess I'm indifferent, but a girl can always change her mind, and in this case ill probably end up loving it the moment I sit in the cinema seat. Anyway, here it is.

And finally, we have quite the controversial trailer, because yes, someone has gone and remade a treasured childhood character. Again. Peanuts, along with Snoopy and probably many other Charlie Brown favourites have been animated and digitalised for a new generation to enjoy. I don't know what's worse, that someone thought that this wasn't going to rile up some fans the wrong way, or that Snoopy looks plain weird in this trailer.