Hand's up if you're a Christopher Nolan fan! I think every movie-goer ever can respond positively to that statement, so the first trailer of this week's Trailer Trashed can only lead to good things. Interstellar is Nolan's first foray into our cinemas since the closing chapter of The Dark Knight Trilogy, and like the mystery man himself, much of the plot is being kept under wraps. So, aside from my telling you it's about a team of explorers embarking through a wormhole (and why not?) and the inclusion of time travel and alternate dimensions, there isn't much else to say. Let's all just agree that this is going to blow our minds okay?

What happens when you get together a load of wealthy Oxbridge students in a secret society and give them alcohol? Well something a lot the lines of murder apparently. The Riot Club should be an interesting watch then.

Hellion see's Aaron Paul playing an emotionally broken widower coping with two sons, child services and having Juliette Lewis for a sister. Rough, yet intriguing.

Now, the talk coming out of Cannes this year isn't as buzz-worthy as usual. Maybe everyone is detoxing instead of partying? Nevertheless, Ryan Gosling's much talked directorial debut Lost River is being welcomed with mixed reviews. Watch the trailer below to see if it's worth spending money on!