First off is the trailer for that book that everyone has been telling you to read but haven't gotten round to yet... you know that one. And no, not Fifty Shades of Grey get your minds out the gutter people. It's the other book, Gone Girl, which is not only by that author that you know you should read, but she also went and wrote the screenplay too. I always like it when authors write screenplays, at least that way you know that they actually care about handling the characters you accidentally fell in love with a little too hard. But back to the topic at hand, the general gist is that Nick (Ben Affleck) reports his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. Of course like any good story involving a missing person and the ensuing media attention, Nick's persona gets questioned and people start saying "maybe he killed her"; queue shocked faces everywhere. I actually have no idea what happens so this trailer pleasantly intrigues me.

Only after watching the full trailer about three times for The Rover did I realise that Guy Pearce is an actual chameleon. Although I may have been focusing on the fact that for the first time I actually want to see a film starring Robert Pattinson. So there's that. Fun fact: remember that guy who played Tom Buchanan in last year's The Great Gatsby? Well he co-wrote this, you multi-talented minx Joel Edgerton.

Guys, I have not liked a musical since Moulin Rouge, if I had it my way, all musicals would include Ewan McGregor with his floppy hair. Alas, not all dreams can come true, however if you ever wanted to know what a musical directed by Clint Eastwood would be like, you're in luck! Here's Jersey Boys.