Looks like Penn Badgley's lonely boy has truly left the Upper West Side and the glamour of New York, starring alongside Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris and Milla Jovovich in Anarchy. It's a modern day take on William Shakespeare's Cymbeline, so expect lots of character death especially as one review has compared it to Son's of Anarchy and .

Oh the puns with this one... When Will Farrell is charged with fraud, he has 30 days to prepare for his impending visit to a maximum security prison. I have a hard time believing that any actual brainpower went into writing this; seems like Hollywood is still trying to pass off stereotypes as humour. Watch the trailer for Get Hard:

The Throwaways features a pretty mixed cast in James Caan, Noel Clarke and Katie McGrath. Makes you wonder what the hot topics of discussion were on set. Maybe they were one of those dysfunctional-family type casts that texted each other from across the room? Either way it looks like good fun. You guys know I love a good spy movie.

Girlhood... and no this has no bearing on Boyhood. It's a French coming-of-age story, and in a rare move, it doesn't give away its entire plot via the trailer. That alone makes me happy.