The year of Oscar Isaac continues.

Set in New York City during the cities statistically most violent time period of 1981, A Most Violent Year revolves around an immigrant and his family. Oscar Isaac is joined by Jessica Chastain (a powerhouse of a duo in all honesty), David Oyelowo and Albert Brooks, who I only just realised is the voice of Nemo's dad Marlin in Finding Nemo. Looks like a good meaty character film, one of the more promising films for the approaching award season.

Tim Burton fans, you might want to sit down for this one because while this is a Burton director affair, there's no Johnny Depp in sight. Sorry, it's such a rare occurrence that it had to be pointed out from the get go. So with that out the way, its time for all the Amy Adams fans to rejoice - your queen is back with Big Eyes. A true story about the artist Margaret Keane who had exceptional success in the '50s with her 'big eyes' paintings - which resulted in her husband claiming he did all the work.

Lastly we have The Liberator. Édgar Ramírez stars as Simon Bolivar, time to get out the history books.