This week we have superheroes and what I can only assume is the result of a fascination of cults-go-deadly-vibe.

Guardians of the Galaxy is proving to be the Marvel film I never knew I wanted, that was until I saw Chris Pratt as the lead and thought 'I'm all over this'. With a pimped -up cast (as per Marvel/Disney's usual standard), it's actually quite a refreshing scene with Lee Pace, Glenn Close and John C. Reilly hitting up the supporting cast. I do however find it odd that they trusted the next phase of the 'Avengers Conquer All' to one of the guys behind Movie 43… it'll be interesting at the very least.

Yes, I know I've already talked about Spider Man back when the first trailer dropped in December however The Amazing Spider-Man 2's new international trailer is better than the first one. So here it is! Yay Peter Parker!

And finally onto The Sacrament, a film with so many Eli Roth connections, the comments on the trailer on Youtube are beyond entertaining.