Another film to add to the list exploring mental health issues: the much-loved Mark Ruffalo stars as a manic depressive father in Infinitely Polar Bear. Hopefully this one will delve a bit deeper.

Welcome To Me features Kristen Wiig as Alice - a person with borderline personality disorder who wins $86 million on the state lottery. So of course she decides to create her own talk show, inspired by Oprah, at a local television network. Expect audience silences, meatloaf and obsessive controlling behaviour.

Not gonna lie, I've never made it through a Thomas Hardy novel. As a medium level book lover, I just don't get it or him. However, the cripplingly boring experience of his books does not put me off this trailer for Far From The Madding Crowd. It may be my 'love her a little too much' appreciation of Carey Mulligan, or the fact that I generally can't resist a classic adaptation, but I'm willing to bet this will be a literary lover's dream. Mulligan stars as Bathsheba Everdene, a woman caught between three different men: the rich traditional man, the solider, and the passionate farm labourer. Who will she choose? I can't even ruin it for you as I never made it past the first chapter.