Let's jump straight into the epicness that will inevitably be X-Men: Days of Future Past. And yes, I am already declaring this to be my film of the summer, never underestimate the of darkness that is evil Michael Fassbender. This is the second trailer Marvel have dropped for X-Men, and we get a sneak at most of the returning characters, even Halle Berry's Storm who is gossiped back and forth as 'cut/uncut' from the cinema version. Nevertheless, it looks like Wolverine is gonna continue to kick some serious ass on this, and Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister) plays an evil mastermind, what's not to love?

Now, this trailer for Night Moves seriously intrigues me. It's based around three environmentalists (yes, I hear your joint groans of displeasure) and the consequences that take place after they plot to blow up a dam. Just... just watch it, its looks better than what I just described, honest.

Next is one of the films most hyped about from this year's Sundance Festival, The Signal. Some college kids on a road trip find themselves in the Nevada desert when one of them encounters 'the signal'. Cue freaky abilities and Laurence Fishburne in a hazmat suit claiming that you're now an alien. What's disturbing is that this isn't the weirdest sci-fi plot I've read in a while.

And lastly, this trailer for Plastic is apparently a preview of up and coming talent from Britain. Will Poulter, I whole heartedly agree, we then get an amalgamation of casts from Game of Thrones (Alfie Allen) and Downton Abbey (Ed Speleers) to Sebastian De Douza of The Borgias and Emma Rigby from er... Hollyoaks. It's an interesting grouping anyway for a plot about some teenagers who scam tourists in Miami and are surprised when they get caught. Cue guns, death threats and the inevitable sex scene.