The Barden Bella's are back in Pitch Perfect 2, and this time it's for the international championships. We haven't got much to go on apart from Hailee Steinfeld joining the singing quad and the return of pretty much every character from the original film. So get your vocal cords ready and enjoy.

Ewan McGregor as Australian villain no.1 is not something I thought I'd see happen, but he is exactly that in Son of a Gun. It's the story of JR (played by Brenton Thwaites), who - whilst in prison - is taken under McGregor's wing. In return for his protection, JR must help with a heist to get McGregor's criminal crew out of prison. After that there's some stealing, car chases, arguments and some backstabbing; probably of the metaphorical and literal sense. Colour me intrigued.

My love for novel adaptations is very strong and my love for Carey Mulligan is borderline fanatic, but my love for Thomas Hardy novels are... less than positive. However with my two loves joining forces, I'm willing to compromise on the third and potentially try and read Far From The Madding Crowd before it hits cinemas next spring. Or I'll just watch the film like every other sane person. Also yes, that is Mulligan singing in the trailer.