A reboot? With superheroes? Colour me shocked.

Fantastic Four, being a Marvel invention, features a gloriously up-and-coming cast with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. It look's a whole lot more intense than I remember the first bunch of movies being. It's like they've taken a note out of Nolan's notebook for his Batman trilogy. Not that I'm complaining and, let's face it, this superhero craze is going to be sticking round for a while so let's enjoy it before vampires make a big comeback. Also Marvel, I'm still waiting for my Black Widow movie, in case you forgot.

We may not be getting the classic rom-coms of the Meg Ryan variety these days, but sometimes the industry rolls out a thought-provoking story about love. Following on from Like Crazy and Her in telling a story of love that may not necessarily end with happily ever after, 5 to 7 is about being the other person, and what happens when that's totally acceptable. An aspiring novelist starts an affair with a French diplomat's wife; the diplomat himself also has a mistress. If anything, Glenn Close and Frank Langella will probably end up being the parents we all secretly wished we had.

The worst possible break-up scenario? Probably your ex being a mob-boss who then tries to assassinate you. That's exactly the case with Everly. Salma Hayek stars in this Kill Bill/Home Alone combo as she tries to stay alive till the morning... killing everyone that crosses her path. Sounds genius.

And this is what happens when bad films happen to good comedy actors. It's also what happens when an entire plot is told via the trailer, which just ends up being incredibly confusing. If you can understand it, here's She's Funny That Way