I think that The Wedding Ringer is someone's idea of going, "Hey, remember that Paul Rudd film I Love You, Man, well let's make a new version, but with more guys!" That is literally the impression I get from this movie. That's it, that's all I thought.

There are many things I thought whilst watching the trailer for Jupiter Ascending, the main one being "what the hell have they done to Channing Tatum's eyebrows?". That is probably the most inconsequential thing to think but it was quite distracting. And then I thought, if I was this distracted by a guy's eyebrow colour, then that obviously isn't a good thing for whatever kind of plotline this film has.

So Mila Kunis is some king or heir to owning the Earth, gotcha, and Eddie Redmayne, with an accent that I can only describe at his attempt to 'sound' alien, isn't happy about it. Cool. Add that to the obviously added in 'sexual tension' between Kunis and Tatum (I wonder what section of the audience they're pandering too with that inclusion) and we have this film, but with extra Sean Bean. Now I'm not really surprised why the release date was pushed back 6 months to next February, because it's obvious that had this gone up against Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this summer, it would have crashed and burned. Hard. And laughably so. Here's to hoping Sean Bean might not die in this though!

Disney's big follow up to Frozen is Big Hero 6. It's a story of an inflatable robot designed to 'help' maladies and sickness, and a kid called Hiro (I see a case of Hiro from Heroes happening). And because it's Disney, we have adventure, certain evil, and kids saving the day, yippee!

If you dig American Horror Story, fairy tales or Iwan Rheon, then Charlotte's Song could be your thing! It looks a little weird, but it's a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, so I guess it's all relative.