Before we get to the trailers here is some exciting news, and by exciting I mean nerdy, and by nerdy I mean Christopher Nolan film nerdy. The first trailer for Nolan's follow up to The Dark Knight Returns, Interstellar, will be attached to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug before its scheduled November 2014 release date. Boo, why is that a whole 11 months away.

Kicking off today is The Boxtrolls. Not the most conventional of trailers, it's more of a trailer for a 'behind the scenes' for the film than a trailer for the film itself but still, it's cute. The boxtroll's themselves look a little creepy, but still awesome. All simple adjectives can be used here really.

I can't strictly say this is the officially released trailer for Cymbeline, so it might disappear at some point. However, this is a modern day take on Shakespeare's play, and to be completely honest this is not one of the limited number of Shakespeare plays that I'd heard of. So I may not be a wealth of knowledge in terms of plotlines but it does appear to have an interesting mix in casting choices from Ed Harris and Ethan Hawke to Anton Yelchin and Dakota Johnson (you know, the one of new 50 Shades of Grey fame). It doesn't look terrible which is always good when it comes to Shakey's adaptations although I wouldn't bet on it being the standard of last year's BBC The Hollow Crown. Probably worth seeing nonetheless.

I'm ending with not a newly released trailer (although its entirely new to me) but The Seventh Son caught my attention with a classic Hollywood switch-a-roo on release dates. According to, well, the internet, Seventh Son had a release date of October this year, to January 2014 and is now slated for February 2015. We can only wonder what kind of political industry games are happening here or if someone is hoping the extra long wait will drum up some hype. Oh and also Jeff Bridge's plays a knight who imprisoned a powerful witch (Julianne Moore) a long, long time ago. Now escaped Moore seeks revenge and Bridge's choses Ben Barnes to fight his battles for him. I'm pretty sure that covers everything.