When thinking of films that try to push the boundaries of what it means to explore all sides of human relationships, this first trailer makes a great first impression. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby may be a title you've heard in and around the internet sphere for some months, especially after its Cannes premiere earlier this year when The Weinstein Company snapped up distribution rights quite possibly seconds after the credits started rolling.

So, what is this tour de force of romantic storytelling all about then? In its original state there are three parts: Her, Him and Them, this trailer would be for the latter and shows the same time period in different perspectives. You will be able to see all three versions of this at the cinema, Them will have a wide release whilst the Her and Him perspectives will be shown in selected cinemas. Although, quite honestly I'm already planning out the über marathon of watching all three back to back and possibly sobbing my heart out.

Onto much more action based drama with Fury. Brad Pitt leads a small group of men into enemy lines equipped with a tank, guns and good ol'fashioned hope.

The Last of Robin Hood is a biographical film about Errol Flynn, aka Robin Hood, centring on his relationship with 17-year-old Beverly Aadland. Seeing as Flynn died of a heart attack at the age of 50 (and Aadland was still 17), I think we can assume how this ends. This trailer may only be 2 and a half minutes but it's quite clear that Susan Sarandon is going to be quite to scene-stealer in this one.

And finally, veering off this drama filled week in spectacular fashion we have Dracula Untold. Enjoy Luke Evans in all his vampirey glory.