Stephen Daldry's latest effort is trash. I'm feeling this is a post Slumdog Millionaire effort, expect this time in Brazil, with no Danny Boyle and it's written by Richard Curtis. The story follow's three kids who find a wallet in the trash dump where they work, and it being on of the worst things that they could have laid their hands on. Probably worth watching just for Martin Sheen.

Miles Teller has had some strong indie releases thus far, and Whiplash looks to add to his list of strong performances. Starring opposite J.K Simmons (the dad from Juno, Teller plays a drummer on the brink of stardom whilst playing with Simmons' jazz band. A story of what it takes to be great.

'71, or Jack O'Connell running around in Belfast trying to not get killed. That's basically it except obviously the setting is more politically involved then that description so I presume it's steeped in accuracy of the political landscape of the '70s in Ireland.

For any fans of Jane Levy in Suburgatory you should definitely check this trailer for Bang Bang Baby. A surreal, '60s inspired daydream of a potential film to join the cult fan favourite category.