I'm starting off this week with the one trailer that I actually quite like and yes that is a warning for how terribly bad the next two trailers are. So Closer to the Moon it is then because honestly, who doesn't love a good bank robbery film? It actually seems quite clever; tell everyone you're shooting a film, when in reality you're stealing all their money. Genius.

And this is when it all starts to go downhill, because yes, there is another Transformers film, and no it doesn't appear to have gotten better at all. So Michael Bay is still making money with Transformers: Age of Extinction, and yes that is a dinosaur transformer in the trailer. And no I will not be seeing this... ever.

And finally, this might be the one film where getting drunk wont help in understanding what the hell is happening because its called Zombeaver; and yes its about zombie beavers. Well done Hollywood. Sharknado obviously wasn't enough for some people and the thought of killer beavers obviously came from the thought process of 'it's so stupid, its brilliant, lets get drunk and write this thing'. I mean, seriously, this got given money and made. Seriously.