Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren are suing the Austrian Government in Woman in Gold. I think that was a great opening sentence for the first Trailer Trashed of 2015. Although I would like to include a side-eye at the casting of Ryan Reynolds, it just doesn't make sense to me. However we should all be thankful to actors that are branching out, so I guess we may all be saying 'Well Done' when this comes out and everyone loves him.

I'm being optimistic with this one. From the director of My Week With Marilyn, we can expect a fantastic supporting cast (Tatiana Maslany and Charles Dance anyone?). Plus with a British director the historical parts should be somewhat accurate. The first of many Helen Mirren films to be appearing in cinemas this year; nothing can keep this lady down!

If you were once a teenager with a strong love of American pop-punk-alternative music, then you've probably heard of the charity To Write Love on Her Arms. The story of how the charity was founded, of teen Renee battling addiction and depression, is very much on its way to cinemas. Staring Kat Dennings in the lead role, along with Rupert Friend and Chad Michael Murray (willing to bet this is the start of his comeback), the film follows Renee through rehab (or detox), to the creation of the charity that helps young adults with depression and addiction problems.

Are we ever going to live in a post Nicholas Spark's popularity era? Will there ever be a day when one of his books-turned-to-film doesn't focus on some Southern State rich kids? Unfortunately The Longest Ride does not answer either of those questions.