Welcome to the 'We Heart Scarlett Johansson' edition because, let's face it, she is dominating cinemas everywhere in Captain America: Winter Solider at the moment, and she had two trailers released this week. But basically everyone loves Scarlett.

First off is Lucy, a woman who gets involved in the bad end of a drug deal but ends up turning into some kind of superhuman, beyond logic, ass kicking wonder. I don't want to be biased here in my love for Scarlett, but damn this looks fantastic, can I start queuing up to watch this now? Oh and also stars Morgan Freeman, just to top up the amount awesome already here.

Next is Chef, yeah you guessed correctly, staring Johansson in this Jon Favreau written, directed, oh and he also stars in this, comedy about food. Yes you heard that right, comedy and food, this could be the first film to be able to combine two of my favourite things in the world and do it right. Oh the potential for this to be fantastic.

And finally we have Len Loach's Jimmy's Hall. It's a Ken Loach film, I don't really think I need to say anything else, except no Scarlett in this unfortunately.