Hello film-loving folks, I hope you've been taking advantage of the holidays to take several trips to the cinema. Awards season comes but once a year, so it would be silly not to take up this short period of time when the actual good films are out. It also turns out that the people releasing trailers loose on the internet also took some time off so catching up won't take too much time.

Starting off with have A Promise, which quite frankly, as a trailer, could be better. However, I can look past that fact knowing that Alan Rickman plays a lead character. The first of two trailers featuring Rebecca Hall sees her falling for her husbands protégé played by none other than Richard Madden, (formerly known as Robb Stark). Because the two lovers are separated, we can guess that this ends in either two ways: death or reunion, and then death. I'm so cheery in the new year.

And onto Transcendence, a Johnny Depp fuelled technology fest. It also has a pretty impressive ensemble cast, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murhpy and Kate Mara, get me to the cinema now.

I will be completely truthful and say I have never seen an episode of Veronica Mars in my life. I thought about it but probably promptly got back to rewatching Lost. However now that the movie is coming out this year, and who didn't fall in love with Kristen Bell after watching her cry about sloths on Ellen, I feel an epic catch up session happening. And really who doesn't love the idea that the show's fandom pretty much made this happen.

Lastly, remember when 50 First Dates came out about 10 years ago? Well that charming duo that is Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are back together in Blended. I think this is funny... I cant really trust Hollywood when it comes to romantic comedies anymore.