It's a mixed bag for trailers this week or also described as 'I'm sure you'll like at least one of these', I hope. First up is The Book Thief, literary geeks everywhere, the time has come! Working it's way into awards season, this trailer combines lots of things award givers love: Geoffrey Rush, war, and the possibility to nominate someone under the age of 10. Oh and this looks like one of the better adaptations to come out this year...

Parkland, this film just wants all the awards. Ever, just all of them. And bless, Zac Efron is trying so hard to make us all forget about High School Musical But, forgive me for saying this, what is Hollywood's obsession with The Kennedy's? I'm willing to bet it's starting to get tiring for anyone that isn't American. At least this trailer looks different to all other Kennedy based media, with the fact it's more about everyone else around J.F.K than the guy himself. Fun impromptu game of spot 'Tom Welling in this trailer for all of 4 seconds'.

All this teaser trailer for Pompeii is doing is making me want to say 'you know nothing Jon Snow' because it seems relevant, you know, to him not knowing anything about Pompeii and how tragic the ending is going to be. Please tell me none of you out there screamed SPOILER, seriously, go learn about history if you did. Cue people singing Bastille and thinking they're really clever.

Oh hello another teen fiction dystopian adaptation Divergent, let's see how much money you can make by being the 'new' Hunger Games. The big difference? No love triangle, which I kind of assumed was mandatory in all teen fiction these days but I welcome this change wholeheartedly. I will give it this though, casting Kate Winslet as the baddie, EPIC MOVE. I'll be watching it to see this Queen show them all how it's done.

And of course, I'm ending on a trailer that I honestly can comprehend what the hell I just watched, can someone explain why the hell they started singing? Here's Sunshine on Leith.