Hello again fair trailer folk, we're doing things a little different this week. It's mainly because I didn't really like any of the trailers this week, and well there was only one trailer worth writing about and that was Hercules: The Legend Begins. Terribly disappointing. You can find that trailer yourself because I thought I'd save you my sarcastic commentary on another 'Hollywood' blockbuster for one week.

Now onto funnier topics...

I hereby declare this week 'Animation Party Week', because there is nothing more light-hearted and cheesy than a family friendly animated feature. So without further ado, here are some of the more recent real people free trailers you may have missed (and sadly no, none of these are Disney):

Woody Harrelson... in a film kids can watch, impressive. Free Birds, also featuring Amy Poehler (YES) and Owen Wilson (double YES), looks set to be the American modified version of Chicken Run. I say modified because they're turkeys and instead of being turned into chicken pies, they're trying to escape Thanksgiving. Also, bonus George Takei!

Next up is The Nut Job, which is the classic tale of a squirrel on the hunt for nuts. Heading up this cast is Liam Neeson. However, I'm not sure he'll be able to carry this 'comedy' on his own (sorry Liam). It's slated for release on Valentines day... presumably for all the squirrel loving couples out there.

Hands up who's seen Rio? No..., nor me actually so Rio 2 isn't particularly one I can blabber on about. I know it's about Macaws, in Rio and it's a sequel. Full of useful information I am.

Our second Liam Neeson feature is Khumba, who is accompanied by Steve Buscemi, Laurence Fishburne and Richard E. Grant as your favourite safari animals. It focuses on the zebra Khumba who, born only half covered in stripes, runs away from his animal family in the midst of a drought. Yeah, you can decide for yourself on this, but I kinda get the feeling it's going to be the safari version of Ice Age.

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