Our big trailer this week folks is an adaptation of Mark Helpin's book Winter's Tale. To be perfectly honest, I was only vaguely aware of this book and watching the trailer, personally, made no sense after about half way through. But hey, maybe all you book readers out there completely get it and I'm a bit behind on my reading list, but I digress.

Colin Farrell stars as the lead role of Peter Lake, with his love interest played by Jessica Brown Findlay (more likely known as Lady Sybil), and Russell Crowe playing another good ol'fashioned baddy (thankfully this time with less singing). I'd go on but I honestly can't fathom out what happens here

Remember Effy from Skins, turns out Hollywood quite likes her because here she is opposite Jessica Biel in The Truth About Emanuel. It's the tale of the classic case of 'I don't have a mother so I'm going to project all motherly affection to the new woman next door and possibly steal her baby'. Tale as old as time that.

And this right here is our 'What now?' trailer of the week, because seriously what is this? Here is Jamesy Boy

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