After a strong opening at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, things are looking good for Chris Rock with Top Five. He's also pretty much got his name all over this shebang as writer, director and lead actor, and knowing how much work one person put into this makes me feel like the laziest person ever. But anyway, back to the trailer. Chris plays a down and out comedian/actor who wants to break into the serious gritty Meryl Strep school of acting when his plans get derailed by his reality-TV star bride who wants to film their wedding for her show. You can almost assume where he got his inspiration from. Beware the many, many cameos that will have you going "they're in this too!"

Quick, actors out at sea! I'm serious, this trailer and cast list is like a game of 'how many adult men can you fit in one boat'. In The Heart Of The Sea stars Cillian Murphy, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Whishaw, Joseph Mawle and Brendan Gleeson to name but a few. However, with Ron Howard at the helm of this ship (I couldn't help myself), you have to wonder why it has a post-award season release date. I'd keep a weather eye on the horizon because that may change. Anyone up for re-reading Moby Dick?

In terms of werewolves in todays media landscape, I'm going to place Wolves in after Teen Wolf, but way before True Blood. Least they had a good budget to go all out with the special effect wolf faces. These aren't TV wolves folks. Bonus Jason Momoa!