It's a bumper crop of trailers this week, from Venice Film Festival to TIFF, I have to say some of these are pretty impressive. Get your Oscar prediction cards at the ready kids...

Proving that Colin Firth is still the go to leading man, The Railway Man, based on the autobiography by Eric Lomax, sees Firth as a war veteran captured by the Japanese during World War II. Co-starring Nicole Kidman and Jeremy Irvine (I can see why he was chosen as a younger Firth), it looks quite the contender.

Gravity got some strongly worded reviews at its Venice premier, and it was all positive. But then again, a film with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney could never be truly terrible. The brainchild of Alfonso Cuarón centres on two astronauts stranded in space after satellite debris crashes into their space shuffle. The cast is a whole five people long so I have a feeling that the trailer is about 1/8 as intense as the film will be.

If you've been around a computer and visited any film website in the last few months you're more than likely to have seen or heard a lot about this next film. Dallas Buyers Club sees Matthew McConaughey as a HIV sufferer who smuggles non approved medication into America. Oh and it also features the non ageing Jared Leto as a transgender woman.

Killer Your Darlings has finally graced us with a full length trailer, and I for one was not expecting the turn in the two half of this. I fully accepted Daniel Radcliffe as someone besides Harry Potter when the Women in Black scared the life out of me, but this... this is interesting.

For anyone unsure about Ben Affleck's acting ability, i.e. the impending Batman, let's take a look at this. The trailer for Runner Runner, pretty much sets up the entire story, Affleck's the badass gambling king and wants to pin all the blame on little Justin Timberlake (oh yeah, he's still acting). Does it look interesting? Potentially. Does it change my opinion of the whole Affleck as Batman situation? Not really, still doubtful. But I remember how impressed I was at JT in The Social Network so I may be willing to pass judgement on Affleck for now.

Based on a collection on short stories by Tim Winson is Australian film The Turning. The ensemble cast is headed by the likes of Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving, and unlike most trailers, this reveals a distinct lack of any information about what the plot is. Set around the interconnecting stories of a multitude of characters, if you want some inkling of what to expect, id probably advice you to read the book, apparently it's quite the collection.

What's this? A female written and fronted comedy, but Bridesmaids only came out 2 years ago, surely its not time for another. Ass Backwards, written and starring Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael, is the story of two best friends seeking to fulfil a childhood dream of breaking into the world of beauty pageants. I don't want to speak too quickly, but I think Hollywood executives are finally understanding that us wee little audiences quite like funny women. The more funny women the better I say!

I'm going to leave you with the RoboCop reboot. Because, well I don't have a lot to say about other than, it's reboot of an 80's film... again.