This week I'm not even going to pretend that I vaguely like any of these trailers because I get the feeling Hollywood pretty much pooped out these and went 'Eh that'll do'. Two aged over-muscled men in two films teaching others to be strong and muscly, and a film that's shocking for 'shock value', I despair. So to cheer us all up and remember that Hollywood loves their sequels I decided to throw in The Muppets trailer (although this may still make you despair, I, on the other hand am quite fond of The Muppets films).

So this is Nymphomaniac, I'll let you guess what the subject matter consists of from the title shall I? This is the film that had some interesting 'reports' about what Shia LaBeouf got up to whilst filming, they also released some interesting press posters earlier this month. Lets just say the team behind this film are planning on upsetting as much of middle America as they can, and why not, it makes a change from the rest of the trailers this week. Lars von Trier's last film Melancholia made Kirsten Dunst quite the critics darling so I may be willing to let my initial 'meh' response to this trailer pass if other people tell me its worth watching.

Sabotage: Arnold Schwarzenegger leads a surprising cast including Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams and Josh Holloway, and well the trailer pretty much gives you the entire film. It actually gives so much away to the point that someone decided that 'yeah, people will definitely see that in cinemas after giving away 90% of the plot'. Good job Hollywood.

Welcome to the Jungle stars Arnie's less-muscular friend Jean-Claude Van Damme (he does more than sell light beer now apparently). This films storyline on IMDB reads as "a company retreat on a tropical island goes terribly awry." Now, keep thinking what you're thinking, because yes it is probably as badas that. Throw in some bad Lord of the Flies references and you've got this trailer. On the plus side it stars Adam Brody (he's still everyones favourite geek) and Kristen Schaal so it may be legitimately funny in some places. But is that enough to chance my less than positive opinon? Probably not, sorry Seth Cohen.

As promised here is The Muppets Most Wanted, unfortunately it isn't the second part of the best song to win an Oscar for original song 'Man or Muppet'. However, there is Tina Fey and did I see a sneaky Tom Hiddleston cameo in there somewhere?