For a long time, The Program was known as 'Untitled Stephen Frears Project', or 'that new Lane Armstrong thing that's had a TBC release date since early this year'. Chris O' Dowd plays an Irish journalist who is convinced that Armstrong (played by a brilliantly cast Ben Foster) is using performance enhancing drugs. I guess this is everything that wasn't in the press or in that Oprah interview.

Anyone that studied A Level Psychology will know of the The Stanford Prison Experiment. A group of male students were selected to recreate a prison set up with roles split between guards and officer, causing quite the stir (mostly for the lack of ethics towards the participants). I remember studying this at college and I'm pretty sure the trailer is about as accurate as my psychology exam was. People really can be the worst.

Rock The Kasbah. Yes, that is how they're spelling it and no the song does not feature in the trailer. Just enjoy Bill Murray.