SHADES are a duo comprising Alix Perez from the UK and Eprom from the States, and over the course of the last 5 years they've released a couple of EPs that fuse their two styles and cultures into something new and unique. This has all been in the build up to their debut album In Praise Of Darkness which is slated for release on Deadbeats Records in July.

The duo have served up a slice of what's to come on the album with 'The Saga', a crunchy and domineering electronic bass production. With shapeshifting synths and deep duskiness, SHADES move us swiftly through a range of atmospheres, from the murky depths of underground clubs to the fluorescent activity of nocturnal city streets, with their eerie glow. Ever striding onwards, 'The Saga' never allows you to settle in, with SHADES' expert cultivation of sounds whirling the world around you into wildly vast and impressive shapes and textures. Check it out below.

SHADES will be touring the US starting in July, with EU dates to follow shortly after. Keep up with them on Facebook.