Formed around the feelings of despair and the sense of a broken world, self-taught visualisations artist Joëlle was commissioned by MIRA Festival to create a unique visual performance for Manchester electronic producer, Andy Stott’s first live show in Barcelona since releasing Faith in Strangers.

While representing the view of earth in a distorted and deformed way, Joëlle's themes of insignificance, fragility and faith in humanity perfectly collaborate with Andy's intricate single 'How It Was' in this new video taken straight from the festival grounds. It's a trippy three minute escape.

"I was excited to be paired up with Andy as I hear a melancholy in his music which was completely aligned with my state of mind," Joëlle says.

"I used After Effects with my favourite Trapcode plugins to create a lot of the distorted planet earth and further added layers to the rendered clips in real time using Quartz Composer. Some of the content is purely generative and made with Quartz Composer, and all of the content can be manipulated “on the fly” in real time. Not only is this a very fun approach to performing visuals but it also gave me flexibility to improvise and adjust them according to what Andy played, as I had no set list or any idea of what Andy was going to play as it was all unreleased / live material."

Joëlle x Andy Stott @ MIRA Festival 2015 from Derelicht on Vimeo.