Music by Kan Wakan inspires feelings of wonder. Nature and spirituality seem to mingle on Phantasmagoria vol. 1, and in his new video, that sentiment is taken literally. There isn’t much left to learn about the planet that satellites haven’t revealed, but with the imagination of a child, you can traverse all sorts of unknown terrain. And in the short film for 'Effigy' and 'I Would (Reprise)' there is more to the tale than just whimsy. It features direction and cinematography by Dominic Gill and was produced by Nadia Gill; watch it exclusively below.

Metaphorically, this is a fulfilling journey to self-discovery. A technicolor mysticism accompanies our protagonist through exquisite landscapes—a phenomenal parallel to the decadence of Kan Wakan’s production. Eager synths sidle up to underlying orchestral elements, fit for the smooth contours of a natural dome.

On the new record, Gueorgui Linev, aka Kan Wakan, worked with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra of Bulgaria and prominently featured vocalist Elle Olsun; her voice marks the reprise of 'I Would' toward the end of the new clip. With Olsun’s send off, the clip takes an ominous turn, leaving a black spot in the place of our travelers. But who says beauty can’t exist in the dark?

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