The first time I saw Travis Scott perform was back in 2014 at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall. Young Thug was supposed to perform too, but he couldn’t cross the border. This was "I’m a stoner" Young Thug. The performance I would have witnessed by the Atlanta artist would've been iconic, but in truth, I didn’t expect him to even be able to cross the border.

Recently, Young Thug performed in Toronto to open up for J Cole’s tour - it only took four years for him to be able to come over, but at least it happened. I know there are charges and all of that, but still, I can’t believe it’s 2018 and this is still an issue.

Now, without Young Thug, the Danforth Show was Travis Scott’s show. He was going to be the main attraction and honestly, to this day, I still consider this one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever witnessed.

You simply couldn’t record a video during this show - the mosh pitting, the rioting, the rodeo of it all if you will, was so intense, it’s what Kanye West meant when he was on Zane Lowe for an interview a year prior, rap is the new rock and roll and Travis Scott was a rock star on that stage. There was, however, a brief moment where I had to record a video - it was when Travis brought out The Weeknd as a special guest. It was the first time I'd ever seen The Weeknd live, so I risked my life (and my phone's life) and recorded a brief video of it. I bring this up to say that the next time I would see Travis live, he'd be opening up for The Weeknd at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, now named The Scotiabank Arena. While Travis was performing, near the end of his set, he looked out to the arena crowd and told us one day he would come back to Toronto to sell out the arena as the headliner. On November 21, 2018, I was there to witness it happen as Travis brought his Astroworld tour to the same arena. And when I say it was one of the greatest live experiences I’ve ever seen from a performer, I’m not even remotely exaggerating.

Travis rode roller coasters, performed for what felt like three hours straight and didn’t let up for even a second. And on top of all of that madness, Sheck Wes set the place on fire from the start by performing songs like, 'Mo Bamba', and 'Chippi Chippi', and then Gunna took things up a notch as well performing cuts from “Drip Season 3.”

Now, there was one issue and that was the absence of Trippie Redd, but Nav stepped in as a special guest and we even got Don Toliver to come out for the Astroworld track 'Can’t Say'. The visuals, the roller coaster rides, the thrill of it all; fans didn’t buy a ticket for a concert, they bought a ticket to the Astroworld experience, and there isn’t a single artist alive giving fans this type of show other than Travis Scott - the best live performer of this generation.