There's a clear cinematic influence in Tredici Bacci's 'Carina Botto', so it's appropriate that it's reminiscent of the work of a man who co-exist in the worlds of both film and music, Paul Williams. The track is especially similar of Williams' modern moment in the spotlight, his appearance on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.

Of course, unlike 'Touch', 'Carina Botto' is an instrumental piece (aside from some Ennio Morricone-style chanting) that swaps hooks for leitmotifs, but it rises to the sound of the same grandiose strings and pitch perfect instrumentation, and it's no wonder as to why since Tredici Bacci are a fourteen-piece group working with the mind and cohesiveness of an individual.

'Carina Botto' is track A1 from Tredici Bacci's upcoming The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta, out April 22nd and available from

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