In recent weeks here on The 405 we’ve been excited by the early sounds coming from effervescent post-punk quartet Treeboy & Arc, who have put out a couple of blinding singles in the form of ‘Merge’ and ‘White’, both from their upcoming debut EP Not Yet. Now the band has stitched the two songs into one to make a 7-minute lesson in quicksilver rock and momentum-building punk that is thrilling, draining, and reminds us that guitar music can deliver snarling moments of euphoria in their most vital form.

The meaty one-two punch comes with a video in two halves, as explained by the band: "The video is in two sections. Merge representing the light and White representing the dark. In merge we wanted to keep the video quite clean and light hearted, the songs about infidelity and bad habits. The end of Merge is where the video reaches the climax and it gets a bit weird. In White we wanted the video to look far more dirty. It's in black and white and the themes in this half are darker."

Check out the video for ‘Merge/White’ below.

Treeboy & Arc’s debut EP Not Yet will be released on December 1st.