Reddit is one of the most used 'timewasters' on the internet, but yesterday iit showed that it can actually be quite a useful tool Trent Reznor stopped by the website and took a ton of questions from the users at Reddit and below, you can see a few of them.

Aside from How to destroy angels_, what else is on the horizon?

"A number of things. Tweaking some things for the HTDA full LP (coming in Spring), helping Josh [Homme] out on a new QOTSA track, working with Roy, starting rehearsals for two bands."

Could one of those bands be Nine Inch Nails? Reznor seemed to suggest that while discussing the band's live show

"I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how music is presented live. Lights in the Sky was probably my favorite live show I've worked on so far. This was a real collaboration between myself, Rob, Roy Bennett, and Moment Factory. We set out to make an experience and I really felt proud to put that on every night. Cryptic additional comment: 2013."

The status of his HBO mini series, Year Zero

"This is currently in a holding state. We didn't find the right match with a writer, and really have been avoiding doing what we should have done from the beginning: write it ourselves. We = Rob and myself. This project means a lot to me and will see the light of day in one form or another."

What he considers the "pitfall of modern live shows and what would you improve on your own?:

"Generally, they’re lazy, sound bad, and are somewhat boring. I’m always looking to blur the line between the theatrical and the visceral. I strive to make a show that resonates on a purely emotional, raw level, and at the same time smartly evolves from one place to another quite unexpectedly."