Hailing from Sterling, Illinois, 23-year old singer/songwriter Trevor Sensor is one of those musicians whose unique style and voice denounces an unexpected artistic maturity. Proof of that is the brilliant 'High Beams', the newest single from his forthcoming debut album Andy Warhol's Dream, whose recently-shared video you can watch below.

"['High Beams'] derives from the desire to be one of those people on the television - a desire instilled in us since childhood in America and the western world at large," Sensor explains. "A desire that consumes us, especially those few born in middle America who look for supposedly greater things beyond the horizon of cornfields and prairies, or the northern factory towns of England - those places where nobody of any pop cultural significance is suppose to come from - for there is only so much room in the camera lens, the television screen, and we must save it for the pretty, plastic people. It revolves around things lost, things hoped for and the dreams we tell ourselves to keep us from the possibly horrifying conclusions that forever creep up on us in the back of our minds."

Andy Warhol's Dream was recorded at Steve Albini's Chicago studio and produced by Richard Swift, Jonathan Rado, and Brandon Darner. The title refers to the late artist's 15-minute fame prophecy, a theme Sensor refers to as being a direct and accurate portrait of today's society: "[Warhol's] '15 minutes of fame' prediction is clearly visible today. I’m only really referencing Warhol as a vehicle for the ultimate representation of celebrity culture because of his repeated Marilyn Monroe or Elvis paintings or whatever. But now we’re in a post-God society that is finding new golden calves to worship, that is moving beyond that."

The LP is out on June 16th via Jagjaguwar; Trevor Sensor plays London's St Pancras Old Church on May 4th.