Dutch DJ/producer Tiësto has taken Daft Punk, and their new LP Random Access Memories to task.

The topic arose during an interview with the Huffington Post as Tiesto described meeting and hanging with his hero, electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, who also collaborated with the helmeted duo on RAM. The two exchanged numbers with the intent of meeting and Tiesto adds, "…he did a collaboration with Daft Punk, so why not me?"

As the conversation turned to Daft Punk, Tiesto weighed in on the group ("I'm destroying them now… sorry Daft Punk.") and new album, saying, "the music doesn’t deliver on the hype." Apparently if you like Daft Punk now, it's because you want to be cool. Tiesto bases his claim on approaching two random girls dancing to 'Get Lucky' at a party, putting them on the spot to explain what they enjoyed about the track. Because they couldn't do it, we are all now poseurs.

You can read the whole piece over at the Huffington Post.

Tiesto just dropped a new mix LP, Club Life 3: Stockholm, and is on the road now, destroying Daft Punk wherever he goes. You're going to need those helmets, gentlemen.

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