Dirty Tapes is a label based out of New York which deals exclusively in limited cassette releases. Now, you may think that this is the best or the worst idea you have ever heard, but cast your hispster/non-hipster arguments aside. Their music is also out there digitally for people who don't have cassette players, and in the form of Tropes, it's really quite special.

I'm a sucker for crackle. Music emerges from it slightly out of focus. And whether it was part of the original samples or something added later, it works perfectly as a slow, warping synth note stretches out and sets the tone for 'Dionysus'.

What follows is a collage of gorgeous, heavily treated vocals, distant wind chimes and slow, broken pieces of beats. The result is pure atmosphere. It cycles, moves and pulses. Then it ends. And you sit there smiling. It sounds like a city sunset. It sounds like the musical equivalent of a filtered photograph. It sounds like something you should probably press play on now. And you don't even need a tape deck.