Hailing from Oxford The Trophy Wife, are soon to embark on a tour with Foals whilst writing songs for their forthcoming EP. The band answered some questions leading to talks of avoiding the treadmill of normality and the 'Book of Right On' being the catalyst that kick-started the band. You're about to head on tour with the Foals and several other bands. How do you feel about that? We expect the tour to be a riotous male-bonding exercise. We're privileged to be opening the shows for a band we have a huge amount of respect for. How are you feeling about releasing your début single ‘Microlite’ in November? We are very excited. It's one of the first things we wrote as a band and we feel the song really represents what we're about at this stage. We've just filmed a video for it; its a kind of murder mystery. Who inspired you to create music? There are so many. The three of us have been making music together for over seven years. We used to practice in a cluttered suburban garage on cold winter evenings. This is where we forged a kind of psychic understanding of one another. I think that's really important for any band to have. So in many ways we inspired each other to create the music we are making. Your artwork on your Myspace page and Microlite single is very unique, what influences the artwork? Social atrophy perceived through Kit's camera lens ten years ago. Photobucket How is the creative process for your forthcoming EP going? We're definitely writing with that on our horizon. For us, the writing and recording process happen simultaneously. With each song we set out to progress and better the one that came before it. That has to be the aim. We're beginning to explore lyrical themes and narratives a lot more with some of the newer songs we're working on. Are you working on collaborations with anyone for the EP? No. we like the idea of keeping things between the three of us in these early stages. However for one song called 'Lyoness', we called upon the ghosts of Cornish sailors. The band is currently being referenced to the new music scene emerging from Oxford, are you comfortable with this association? There are a lot of bands in Oxford considering it is essentially a small provincial kind of place. The three of us are very much part of a small collective of like-minded musicians who have spent years on the road together, collaborated with one another and generally tried our best to avoid getting on the treadmill of normal life. We all help to drive each other forward. There's Pet Moon, Chad Valley, Jonquil, Solid Gold Dragons.... You covered ‘The Book of Right On‘ by Joanna Newsom, how did this come about? The Joanna Newsom cover was the catalyst, the start of the band really. It was very spontaneous and marked the beginning of how we work together in a group dynamic. We came up with the term 'live-remixing'- sort of half way between a cover and a remix. We liked the idea of guitar bands in the fifties and sixties covering each others songs. We aim to make our remixing an extension of that premise, less sterile and more a form of communication between artists. Two of us had been living in a big communal house which was a constant cacophony of music and late nights. We arrived home one particular night after some seafood linguine and set about building a dance track around the main vocal hook. We wanted it to sound like a Swedish house producer remixing Ennio Morricone. Are there any future covers in the musical line up? Any more covers you'd love to do? I don't think we're going to rule it out. We also did our own version of 'Miami' by Foals recently and it's something we enjoy doing. If it feels worthwhile, we'll do it. You're playing your last gig of the tour in Oxford, do you prefer playing to familiar audience or to a completely new crowd? There is a certain sense of freedom in performing to an unfamiliar audience, perhaps there is less pressure. Our first proper hometown show is one we're very excited about as it's not in a conventional venue. We'll be playing with our friend Pet Moon in the basement at the Museum of Modern Art.
You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/atrophywife