AMERICA…… TRUCK YEAH!! April 30th - May 2nd 2010. CATSKILL MOUTAINS - NEW YORK. Truck Fest is awesome - we say so! What better way though to enlighten you about the festival's plans for across the pond than to let them tell you about them..: "Surely the most famous festival of all time is Woodstock. Staged in the Catskills Mountains in up state New York, news of this hippy gathering was passed around like a giant doobie and the supposedly small gathering was over run by free loving party cats from across America. Woodstock represented what was so powerful about the peace and love hippy movement of the sixties and it showcased some of the most ground breaking musicians of that time (some might say ever). TRUCK festival in Oxfordshire has run for 13 years on the same basic principles of independence and ethically minded and cooperative production, with a passion for introducing cutting edge new music as well as a reverential nod back to the classics. Full to capacity every year thanks to a loving word of mouth reputation, TRUCK was more than a little inspired by that Woodstock movie (and spirit). Just like those unsuspecting hippies back then we found ourselves with the opportunity to pack up the sharabang with musicians, friends and some big old speakers and truck out to that same area in upstate New York to throw a huge party on the Full Moon Resort. Perfectly positioned 2 hours north of New York city and 3 hours from Toronto (and actually 30 miles closer to Woodstock than the original festival was) we are aiming for a 1000 capacity festival from April 30th - May 2nd 2010 but hey, who knows what will happen? …Just steer clear of the brown acid" TRUCK YEAH! CLICK here for The Official Truck Website