Truck Store (run by the people behind Truck Festival) on Cowley Road in Oxford, has only been around for a couple of months but has already proven a success. With Record Store Day around the corner, those truckers have a weekend of festivities planned. Over the weekend the shop will see performances The Young Knives, Richard Walters, Spring Offensive, Message To Bears, Phantom Theory & loads more. There will even be a bar. Timings for In-stores are: Saturday 16th: 9pm Young Knives 7.30pm Spring Offensive 6.30pm Half Rabbits 5.30pm Phantom Theory 4pm Nathaniel Rateliff 3pm Sophie Barker 2pm Adam Barnes Sunday 17th: 8pm Little Fish 5.30pm Richard Walters 4.30pm Cat Matador 3.30pm Message to bears 2.30pm Good things happen in bad towns Head over to to find out more about the store.