It’s been been a while but the French-Congolese duo of Faty Sy Savenet and Nicolas Dacunha, aka TSHEGUE are finally back churning out ear afro-punk earworms with their latest track titled ‘The Wheel.’

Almost immediately, brains are scattered as metallic drums roll in, pinging and panging about with an urge, causing listeners to feel as if their head was rattling through a furiously turbulent washing machine. Two minutes in, TSHEGUE casts a grim spell over the track’s danceable blend of dancehall beats and handclaps with menacing synth bass, causing ‘The Wheel’ to spin not faster, but weirder than it already was.

Replete with the scent of rebellion that is almost impossible to escape, ‘The Wheel’ drives through with an energy that is uniquely them, but then matches the music’s intensity with a video that is equally spirited.

Directed by Renaud Barret, the video traverses the streets of Kinshasa, the Congolese capital city from which Savenet hails, and follows the adrenaline-fueled antics of the Club Etoile Rollers. A rollerblading collective seeking thrills by hitching rides on the back of cars, buses & bikes, their perilous tricks unfold on screen beneath a black and white veil, which ricochets the focus back to the pounding pep the sound itself.

Check out the dynamic new track and video above and make sure to follow TSHEGUE on their Facebook and Instagram.