It's no secret that The 405 has created some of the worlds finest mixtapes but it truly saddens me when our integrity and panache get called into question. Yesterday well known blogger of TSURURADIO, Aaron, not only questioned team 405's mixtape creating ability but also suggested that Canada (what now?) was better than California! I'm not going to suggest that I know where Canada is or what it is (sounds made up to me) but If someone that runs a blog called TSURURADIO (wtf? Can't this guy spell?) wants to dirty my beloved California then I'm gonna have to bring the 1995 style noise. The Challenge On the 22nd of June The 405 will take on TSURURADIO for a winner takes all mixtape challenge. California Vs Canada The mix is limited to 60 minutes and can only contain artists from said Country/State. We need your help though! Join us at our Forum/Twitter/Myspace/Facebook to discuss how we can topple the giants of lameness over at TSURURADIO. Or just head over to their pathetic site and leave some hate mail. That's what I'm going to do! Wait a second! I've just been informed that Canada is that pointless pile of land sat on top of America like a ridiculous hat on the head of a king. I had a look at TSURURADIO's throwdown and it's actually quite sad. He suggests California is the home of sleazy/pointless stars but lets have a look at what Canada has to offer. Conclusion Let's pool together 405 and show these simpletons that we mean business! Help for TSURURADIO If you need me to translate any of the fancy words I used then just let me know!