Theresa Wayman is best known for her work as guitarist and co-lead in Warpaint, but has recently peeled off to make her own solo music under the moniker TT. She recently released the single 'Love Leaks' alongside the news of a debut album called Lovelaws. Today she follows it up with the dark and stormy 'I've Been Fine'.

The title of 'I've Been Fine' is a bold-faced lie when compared to the content of the song; an attractive person playing hard to get with the object of their desire. The song itself is a low-lit and moody rock song, reminiscent of her main band, but with a more skeletal, atmospheric sound. Though she proclaims at the top that she's been fine with her friends, TT soon unfolds her true feelings and desires: "I still can't help remember all the times our bodies pressed together." Through the thick fog of lust provided by the molten low-end and arousing guitar twangs, she spells out her yearning plainly, repeating: "why can't you be next to me?" The ardor with which she repeats this line is compelling, like a siren calling across misty waters, guiding you into a murky and torrid emotional coupling. This deep-seated necessity on TT's part comes to a head with a fireworks display of guitars and synthesizers at 'I've Been Fine''s conclusion, expressing the explosive nature of these two bodies coming hazardously into each other's orbit.

TT's Lovelaws comes out through Loveleaks/Caroline International on May 18th. She'll be coming to the UK in May to support Nick Mulvey on tour and play a headline show at London's Pickle Factory. Details below.

17.05.18 - Wylam Brewery - Newcastle
18.05.18 - Albert Hall - Manchester
19.05.18 - Colston Hall - Bristol
20.05.18 - Princess Pavilion - Falmouth
22.05.18 - Royal Albert Hall - London
23.05.18 - Pickle Factory - London