For those new to the name, Tubelord, who even in their early years were described by the BBC as “fiercely intelligent”, are a band not to be ignored. With an energy that is palpable both live and on record, their unhinged and playfully clever blend of math-rock and indie-pop comes at you in waves, battering you with noise and leaving behind a natural, refreshing buzz. Having spent 2010 touring alongside Oceansize, Tall Ships, and Shoes and Socks Off to name a few, they are now putting their recently renovated line up, geography, and direction into full force. Singer and guitarist Joseph Prendergast kindly took time out of his evening to talk new material, tour, and pizza. Hey Joseph, thanks for having us interview you tonight. No problem. The 405 are great, the site's come on a lot, really diggin' it. OH! What live concerts have you been to recently? I saw Efterklang a few weeks ago. Most impressive, most moustached, and most sweaty gig I've attended in a while. The perfect balance of sweat and facial hair. I'll be honest. I haven't listened to more than four songs. Were they good live? They were incredible, although, the “support band” was a short film about themselves, which I possibly could have done without... Haha, that's brilliant. I was at a gig recently and the support to the headline band was an hour and a half film about a 60s garage band reforming for a comeback concert sometime last year...put a kind of peculiar atmosphere into the room. Considering the band reforming were American and the gig was filled with French punks in Marseille, it was properly odd, but I suppose the ethical judgement of DIY appreciation proceeded to conquer the borders and make sense regardless. So, let’s talk Tubelord. You have a new album coming out this year. What can we expect from it, and how does it differ from your previous releases? Expect pizza and dancing. And this differs from ‘Our First American Friends’ and ‘Tezcatlipoca’ because although ‘Tezcatlipoca’ may have had a smattering of pizza, I get the sense the next record is more suitable for eating pizza whilst dancing, which you definitely couldn't do alongside ‘Our First American Friends’. I'm sold. I read your interview with Artrocker recently and you talked a LOT about pizza. Have you decided that this is finally the album that'll get the famed title 'pizza taste'? Yes, it definitely will. I think we need to change ‘Tubelord’ to ‘Pizza taste’, or perhaps just “? I read a really interesting poem written by these two American academics recently which was written with < > - - {{ } < > / ?? *, with the phonetics underneath for each symbol. Once read aloud, it actually made sense and you as a reader could construct some kind of realistic visual interpretation of the symbols put on display. Where you influenced by anything in particular when writing the new record? Aside from pizza, of course. I am going to ramble briefly, ignore the oxymoron, is this ok? I’ve been writing the record for roughly two years now. Along the way many people and circumstances have come about, I finished studying at university, returned to my folks' house, and then moved all my shit out of the shed and into a very lovely friend’s spare room in new cross. After a few months his contract ran out and I had to move out again, lugging the shit back into the shed, so there's some geographical stuff that influenced the writing. Meeting all the people and their effect on how to shape the songs into something they might enjoy was prevalent. Love interests are love interests. Other music that influenced the new record I, for the first time, am more content with being open about than the last. I stopped eating regularly and begun using paints, the literary project underlining the entire record was brought to fruition, we finally found a new bassist who has stayed for longer than three months, we brought in James Field on keys and percussion, realised everything relating to Tubelord from a commercial angle was completely futile so generally stopped caring from that angle, and begun enjoying ourselves. Have you heard of Jeffrey Lewis? He's the folk musician slash comic book creator, right? Yeah, there is one song he has written called 'roll bus roll', it is incredible. Is he someone you've gotten into quite recently? Not particularly, was a while back now, but this song! I can’t get it out of my head; it's just ingrained somewhere up there. So brilliant. Do you think your music tastes or influences have changed much since you first started playing? For sure. We started playing as a band in (I think) the end of term before Christmas 2006, so I would hope so, but whatever was influential to us then was a foundation for influence later on, definitely. I saw you play with Tall Ships in the Cardiff Arts Institute last year – they closed their set with a cover of ‘Seven Days’ by Craig David. If you were to play a show entirely made up of covers what/who would you chose? We're both (Tubelord / Tall Ships) going to be doing exactly that soon, in May. A friend of ours is tying the knot and have invited us both and &U&I to play the reception. So we're going to have to stick together roughly five covers. So far I think we've chosen Lou Bega 'Mambo's Number Five'. Madonna 'Like a Virgin', and Phil Collins 'Easy Lover'. I can't wait to see the &U&I set, it’ll be so funny. Fingers crossed we might get some songs from this man – Do you have a favourite ‘on the road’ song’? I've only just begun listening to music through choice again for the first time in about seven months so I'm still working it out. However, ‘Pow Pow’ by LCD Soundsystem was the most enjoyable 'on the road' song in Europe recently. You recently toured with Shoes and Socks Off. What was it like playing with Toby? Did Meet Me In St. Louis influence you much in terms of writing music? Toby Hayes. Man of the moment. Top dog. True gent. Will pile up your plates and cutlery after eating and always say his please and thank you’s. But don't make him angry. Is there a gig experience that stands out as the most memorable to you? One that you've played yourself and one that you've attended. The Berlin gig recently was truly peculiar, tears in the eyes and all, but not really memorable for that reason. I remember playing the Kraffhics HQ in Leeds, along with making new friends with the lovely Leemun and Kirst, in the 'crowd' were also old friends and new friends from lots of brilliant bands. We got drunk and forget everything. In fact, Jen's kitchen in Cardiff was as equally memorable on a personal level. Watching Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt in London made my skin crawl with joy, as did seeing my brother read his poetry with his collective The Fate of Neutral Norway in Stroud. And Flaming Lips...mind blowing; I stood there with a friend of ours who makes the Tall Ships artwork, both of us just flabbergasted. Any shout outs for bands/albums you're into at the moment that more people should check out? Over The Wall, Olympians, Shoes and Socks Off, Charles Hamilton, Koppen, The Captain Beefheart Radar Station. Will you be touring the UK again soon? There is some vague idea of gigging in the UK again but there is much in the way before any of that is confirmed. I can't really see the details. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks for your time! I'll get on with making sounds. Thank you so much for the interview and all. Take care.
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