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2015 has been a fantastic year for bands influenced by the riot grrrls of the early 1990s. More recent groups such as Chastity Belt and La Luz have both dropped superb sophomore records, while the true riot grrrls of Sleater-Kinney returned with their first record in a decade. While many of the aforementioned bands shrug off or outright dismiss the label--and rightfully so--the Los Angeles-based TÜLIPS does not. Instead, the group, which is principally comprised of dual vocalists and guitarists Angie Bloom and Taleen Kali, have elected to embrace their early 90s influences wholeheartedly on their debut LP, Doom & Bloom.

The record, which is being released on the terrific L.A.-based label Lolipop Records, rips by over the course of a brisk 28 minutes across 10 tracks. Doom and Kali frequently trade lead vocals, with Bloom's voice turning up more frequently in the dreamier tracks ('Wait') and Kali's featuring heavily on the noisier sections of the album ('Queen's Arms').

Doom & Bloom is definitely at its best when it allows the raw energy and fire of their punkier influences to take hold. The shredding guitars of 'Queen's Arms' and spitfire delivery of Kali make the track an unquestionable highlight, along with the exceptional 'Perfect Love.' The latter track is one of the catchiest, most enjoyable pop-punk tracks to come out this year. This can be partly credited to the understated, but superb drumming of Travis Moore and the cruising bass of Miles Marisco, but the two frontwomen of the group clearly have a knack for melody that is worth noting.

Still, some pieces do seem to be missing that keep TÜLIPS from knocking their debut entirely out of the park. Several moments on the record felt too derivative and, as a result, it became tough for the band's voice to peek through an incredible amount. Bands of a similar stripe, including Shannon and the Clams, have faced a similar problem. However, certain groups, most notably Chastity Belt, have been able to overcome this challenge through substantial artistic growth and evolution. Using your influences is inevitable, but it is also important that you have your memorable message to send.

This is a fun record and a solid, promising debut from TÜLIPS. It is far from perfect and leaves a lot to be desired, but several moments shine through and prove that the chops are there. It is just a matter of taking that next step. If they can make it, expect to hear a lot more from TÜLIPS in the near future.

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