To celebrate the release of Turbines, the latest album from Tunng, we got the band to put together this 'Under The Influence' playlist, which is a stunning experience from start to finish.

Before you lose yourself in the playlist, be sure to check out the video for 'The Village', along with their forthcoming tour dates.

  • July 8th 2013 The Lexington, London *SOLD OUT*
  • July 9th 2013 The Lexington, London *SOLD OUT*
  • October 8th 2013 Heaven, Under the Arches, London
  • October 11th 2013 Colston Hall, Bristol
  • October 12th 2013 Brewery, Kendal
  • October 13th 2013 Broadcast, Glasgow
  • October 15th 2013 Manchester Band On The Wall, Manchester
  • October 16th 2013 South Street Arts, Reading
  • October 17th 2013 Apex, Bury St Edmunds
  • October 19th 2013 Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
  • October 20th 2013 East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
  • October 21st 2013 Old Market, Brighton

Pentangle - 'Bells'

Mike played this to me around the time i got involved with the band - I think it this was his way of saying guitars can be acoustic and cool. I had come from a background that didn't really hold with that idea, but i love this track and it's led on to lots of other great discoveries for me.

Dub Tractor - 'I Don't Care'

This was the tune I played to Mike after he played the Pentangle tune to me - we had both been around the electronica side of things for some time. I feel this piece has such a gentle vibe, which I felt had been missing from the electronic side of music for a while.

Markus Guentner - Damit Du Endlich Weisst

The Pop ambient compilations, that this tune came to our attention through, had a lot of the softness that I was looking for at the time . The mixing of bells , guitars and electronics was very appealing

Cornelius - 'Cue'

A tour bus favourite , it always seems to send us off into our own little worlds. Lovely arrangement and instrumentation, perfect for looking out of windows to!

The Books - 'Smells Like Content'

It was so good discovering this band. The amount of care they seem to put into their music is incredible - we tend to just bash stuff out by comparison! All the delicate little flickers and hits are wonderful. I remember Mike and I being blown away by their live show