Label: Record makers Release date: 19/07/10 Link: Myspace ‘Baltimore’, the latest offering from French electro Krautrockers Turzi doesn’t waste time. From the opening 20 seconds we find ourselves treated to something loud, Krautrock bassed and flowing, like Kasabian if they had talent. With guest Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream and Jesus and Mary Chain, this tune runs through an incredible mix of influences, from former record label mates Air’s hazy electronica to Can’s bass rhythms to perhaps even LCD Soundsystem in their continuation of a theme and repetition. A good song, a good listen, but more of a soundtrack than anything else, and ends up sounding good. A listen through the remixes shows up only one really good mix, the Zombie Zombie mix with Turzi, done very much in the French housers minimal pulsing style. It could have quite easily have come off of A Land Of Renegades if it slowed down and had more bass depth to it. Photobucket